Wonderful body language

  • Matt's Musings

25 years ago, reading people’s body language was a big thing. Some of it was over the top. When I fold my arms, it’s not normally because I am a ‘closed’ person, but because my arms are as long as an orangutans and I need to do something with them! However, we can learn something from the wonderful body language of Jesus. Four times in a part of the Bible called Hebrews, the writer tells us that Jesus sat down.

Jesus is a priest; in fact he is the great high priest. There had been high priests for centuries. One thing they didn’t do as part of their job description was sit down. Hebrews makes it clear that they stood day after day, repeating the same tasks. Their work was never done. Even on that special day each year (the Day of Atonement), when they were allowed to enter the very special place in the tabernacle, they didn’t sit down. The special place was a model of heaven and they were in and out. Then they did it all again the next year. Then they retired, never having sat down as a priest.

But Jesus offered for all time one time sacrifice for sins and sat down. Why? Because it was done, finished, complete. He offered himself. None of the priests beforehand could do this because they were imperfect. Only a perfect man could offer himself as a sacrifice for sinners. And he did, once and for all. Then he sat down. Consider the fact that the man Christ Jesus is sitting down. Maybe you are troubled by guilt for past sin. Trust in Jesus for forgiveness and remember his work is finished. He sat down!

Then think about where he is sitting. He is sitting at the right hand of God in heaven. The earthly priests couldn’t sit in the model of heaven even for a moment. Jesus is sat in heaven itself! A man, made like us in every way is seated there. What a position! God delights in him. So think about him sitting there. Trusting in Jesus means you are ‘in Christ’ so God looks at you with same delight as he has for Jesus sat at his right hand. What authority he has as he sits there. He will not and cannot fail to save completely all who belong to him.

Jesus sat down. What a man! What a Saviour! Do you belong to him? No wonder Hebrews asks the searching question, how shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation? Click here to listen to a recent message about the fact that Jesus is sitting.