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We are a Bible believing church at the heart of the Deeside community, and located on the doorstep of Shotton High Street.

We believe that God wants all people to hear the life changing message of Jesus Christ. We are committed to helping each other to live out the Christian life by teaching the Bible clearly and we warmly welcome anyone who wants to investigate the message of Jesus for the first time.

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God’s Health and Safety

  • Blog

One side-effect of living in a pandemic is heightened awareness of germs. For some, that increased awareness causes anxiety. Our…

Hope in the face of death

  • Thought for the week

More than 3 million people from more than 200 countries have died from Covid-19. These people come from every strata…

Remembering Prince Philip

  • Thought for the week

We are remembering Prince Philip who lived a very long and active life. His early years were difficult when, following…

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