The Last Bedtime

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One of my children is particularly prone to worry at bedtime. We tuck her up, pray with her, tell her we love her . . . Not long after that, the stairs creak and she begins: “I feel bad that . . . ” It isn’t the dark or unknown dangers that trouble her, but herself. She’s worried that she did this, but she shouldn’t have, or didn’t do that and should have. She’s concerned about what she thought in a situation or what she said to someone.

While reading the Bible as a family one evening, we began talking about a verse and ended up talking about Jesus’ return when He comes to judge the Earth. There’s a lot that we don’t know about the judgement day, but we realised as we talked that there were parallels between a judgement day and our child’s bedtimes. As Christians, when we stand before God, we will be aware of our own failings like she is at bedtime, but He will tell us that He sees Jesus’ perfection instead. He will wipe away our tears, just like we do for our child.

But there’s at least one massive difference between bedtime and the judgement on the last day: it’s the LAST ONE. We won’t have to confront our sins everyday because they will be totally wiped away. It will be a last ‘bedtime’ with no more “I feel bad that . . . ” ever again!

– by E.M. Harding