The end of the world?

  • Matt's Musings

Wales Online recently reported a big increase in the number of people streaming apocalyptic and disaster films. The article stated that we are turning to these films to find comfort in the current pandemic and apparently finding it because many people who watch these films consider themselves to be more mentally and emotionally resilient in the case of a second wave.

My first memory of the word ‘apocalypse’ was linked to my interest in rap music, when I saw it on the cover of Public Enemy’s album in 1991. The problem is, Public Enemy couldn’t offer me any real hope for the end of the world and neither can disaster movies. They are just offering an escape from the really difficult questions our current situation poses. The end of the world is a reality that we all need to face up to. It will be huge and dramatic, but it will also be personal in two ways.

First of all, it won’t happen as a result of uncontrolled forces or bacteria, but will be brought about by a Person, Jesus Christ. When Jesus was born roughly 2000 years ago, his coming was a relatively quiet affair. However, the events of his first coming – his life, death and resurrection – impact the whole universe. God created this world perfect. He personally created human beings and appointed them as his representatives in the universe. Through our proud disobedience, we have brought catastrophe to ourselves and to all of creation. Our good God will not allow sin to have the final word. His creation will be perfectly restored. When Jesus returns, he will see the result of his finished work of dying upon the cross and will bring it all to a wonderful conclusion.

Secondly, it impacts you personally. When Jesus returns, you will see him and you will appear before him. What joy and delight there will be for those who have trusted him and look forward to his return. What unending agony there will be for those who have rejected him and mocked the idea of his existence.

As a final word, I have nothing against apocalyptic films. Just don’t let them numb you to reality or allow them to postpone your thinking about your eternity to come. Click here to listen to a message on this topic that was given at Christ Church Deeside shortly after the Manchester bombing in 2017.