The Door

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A few days ago, we went to visit grandparents for the first time in a long time. The door was thrown open, the other children trooped in excitedly, and I came to the door with my one-year-old holding my hand. He stopped. He looked up at the door and at Grandpa waiting there happily. I tried to encourage my little one inside, but he just stood there, staring, not convinced that going through the door was the right thing to do.

Our church Sunday morning message ended with quite a bit about Jesus being the Door (click here for the message). Through Him we can come to God to be forgiven from our sins and to know Him. We were encouraged and challenged that we need to come through the door, not hesitate or walk away. It made me think of my little one again, looking into the door but staying stuck to the ground outside.

Jesus made it so that we can come in. A warm welcome is waiting for us. Love is waiting on the other side of that door. Why hesitate? Step through the door of God’s mercy and into a life with Him.

– by E.M. Harding