Names of Jesus

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In the Bible, names have particular importance. Jesus was given an ordinary name for the time and place He lived. It wasn’t the only name He was given as a baby. These are the others He was given at that time:

“Christ” or “Messiah.” These mean ‘anointed one’. Elsewhere in the Bible, people are anointed by oil being poured on their heads. This was done to set that person apart for a specific purpose. Jesus was anointed – set apart.

“Immanuel,” meaning ‘God with us’. The One who had created everything and sustains everything by His awesome power came to be with us. He didn’t wait for us to come to Him.

“King of the Jews.” Jesus’ coming had been foretold since the beginning of time. When the wise men followed these prophesies and the star to Bethlehem, they were looking for this promised king. Jesus came to be a king not of a physical realm, but a spiritual one. Everyone who follows Jesus is part of that kingdom.

“Son of the Most High” and “Son of God.” When Jesus came to be with us, He became man, but He never stopped being God.

“Lord.” We are all born into rebellion to God even though He deserves to be our Lord. We don’t want to follow Him. We must submit to Him as Lord.

“Saviour.” Jesus’ great mission was to die on a cross so that He could take away our sins and bring us back to following Him and living in His care. He came to save us. We can only follow Jesus as our Lord because He was set apart to take away our sins.

Next time you hear Jesus’ name, I hope you remember He is ‘set apart’, ‘with us’, King, God, Lord, and Saviour.

– By E.M. Harding