Looking for perfection in the wrong place!

  • Matt's Musings

Sometimes I wonder if we are expecting too much from our politicians. It seems that they need to contain (or even get rid of) the virus, while allowing all of us to continue with life as normal (whatever that is) and without there being any impact on the economy. If this pandemic should have taught us anything, it is that politicians are very limited in what they can do. That is because they are imperfect people with limited knowledge trying to lead other imperfect people with limited knowledge.

Politicians do have a responsibility to be competent and act with integrity. However, they cannot be God. If a vaccine is found for this virus, there will be other diseases. There will continue to be knife crime, county lines drug dealing, dangerous driving and greed. Politicians won’t bring an end to death.

When we express a desire for our leaders to sort things out, we are revealing two things about ourselves. The first is that deep down we know that things shouldn’t be as they are. Disease, suffering and death are actually alien invaders in our world. The second is we know they can’t continue in this distorted, hideous way for ever.

But, we need to look to the right Fixer! He is seated in the true capital city of the universe, Heaven. His name is Jesus Christ and he is King for ever, having died on the cross and been raised to new life. He can restore you. One day he will restore all things. In him you will find perfection.