Lockdown’s Warning

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In some of the oldest pages of Scripture, we see the account of the Ten Plagues in Egypt. God’s people were enslaved and abused, and He came to rescue them. When the Egyptians refused to let God’s people go, God sent plague after plague. Each of these plagues was specifically targeting Egypt’s many gods. One by one, the things that Egypt relied on were stripped away.

It is nearly a year since the beginning of lockdown one. Since that time, we have repeatedly had the things that WE rely on taken from us. Football matches, concerts, family interaction, school, work, hairdressers, religious ceremonies, libraries, gyms, Christmas, babysitters . . . the list goes on! We have been through a time where our comforts and the things that we put our hope in, have been taken away.

When this happened in Egypt, there were two basic reactions: hating God or coming to Him for mercy. When God’s people left Egypt, most Egyptians just wanted them to leave quickly and stop causing so much pain. But some Egyptians realized that there was more to life than what Egypt had to offer. They realized their need for mercy from the God who had created them and who had sent such terrible plagues in part as a warning.

When you suffer, listen to it as a warning from God and come to Him for mercy. Just as the Egyptians who left were welcomed by God’s people, God will welcome you if you come to Him.

– E.M. Harding