Listen to the birds!

  • Matt's Musings

I have noticed more bird song over the last week or so as I walk through Wepre Park first thing in the morning. Several song thrushes provide the main soundtrack with their beautiful voices. Every now and then a tiny wren explodes into its chorus. Two great spotted woodpeckers keep the ‘rhythm’ as they drum the trees.

As I listen, I imagine that the birds are singing about something. They are encouraging each other and wondering if this could be the year. The year when they are set free from the cycle of decay and death. The cycle of people looking at them and worshipping someone called ‘Mother Nature’ rather than the true God who these birds look to every day to give them their food!

We have been treated to some spectacular nature programmes on TV in recent years. They usually contain sad messages about planet earth. Species in decline and facing extinction. Landscapes being destroyed at an alarming rate. The cause of the problem? People. The whole creation has been ‘subjected to frustration’ (to use the language of the Bible) because we have turned away from the creator. We have brought a curse upon this earth and we see its effects all around us.

But, the Bible also tells us in Romans 8 verse 22 that creation is groaning as it waits in eager expectation for something. It is going to be set free from decay! When will this happen? When Jesus Christ, returns. The Man Christ Jesus, lived under the curse of sin, bearing its consequences upon the cross. In doing so he has conquered and overcome death – the proof of this is his own resurrection. The fruit of his finished work will be a beautifully restored creation which his return will bring about. Even today, people throughout the world are trusting Jesus and turning back to the Creator and knowing the life that he alone can give.

So, the birds keep singing expectantly and we need to listen to them as they urge us to trust in Jesus, the only one who can give life to ruined sinners and restore his ruined creation.