Lessons in a field

  • Matt's Musings

I have walked through the same field nearly every day for the last 6 months. As a family we call it the barley field. A neighbour recently told me that his grandchildren call it ‘earthquake field’ because it has a crack running right through the middle of it. As I took yet another photo of this field a few days ago, it taught me an important lesson.

Back in March, the field had signs of life with green shoots sprouting up. We wondered what was growing. As leaves and ears appeared, an app on my phone told us it was barley. Over the weeks, the barley ripened and was harvested and now all that remains is stubble (but it’s still beautiful).

As I took the picture on Saturday morning, I smiled for two reasons. First of all, for 6 months, the country has gone through massive changes. We’ve had to adapt to so many new things. However, this field has done its thing not at all impacted by the pandemic that has dominated our lives. As I reflected upon the field, I thought about the stability of the Lord Jesus Christ who rules over all things, having died and been raised from the dead. He is working out his great plan in this messed up world and we can have absolute confidence in him.

The second thing follows on from this. Our lives are like the field. We go through many changing scenes, but in all of these we can give thanks to God and praise him. Jesus is a kind, wise, constant friend. He died on the cross in my place to save me from the punishment my sin deserves. His death is done – it is a fact. It is finished. The events of this year cannot change, interfere or undo what he has done. In Jesus, I have complete security for ever and so can you!