Come like a child

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My fourth child makes me marvel. Before he learned to baby babble, he hardly made a noise. He was so quiet, sometimes I wondered if he could make noise. When he was tired, he just fell asleep. When he woke, he didn’t fret; he knew mummy wasn’t far away with his milk. He didn’t even cry when he was born! (And, yes, he was breathing well.) Although he’s no longer so quiet, he is the most content baby I’ve ever met.

Often, I have held him and thought: “This is how I should be with Jesus.” Totally content. Fully trusting. Not worrying. Knowing He has me in His hands, knowing He’s providing all I need, and knowing He loves me so much. Jesus told us to come to Him like a child. As I think about my peaceful, contented baby I am challenged to come to God like that.

Right now, the world is in upheaval. We face challenges I’m sure most of us never expected. There’s a pandemic shaking our world, threatening our lives. Normally stable countries are experiencing frightening violence and unrest. There are many more things happening, but I don’t want to dwell on those. You already know about them. My baby doesn’t. He doesn’t realize he’s been born in a year where we’re seeing such huge upheaval. He’s just content. At peace. And I realise that we can be, too. When we take our troubles to Jesus and trust that “He’s got this,” we don’t have to worry. Just like a baby who doesn’t even know there’s something to worry about.

This illustration falls short in at least one way: me. I love my baby and want to provide for him and keep him safe, but I will let him down. With God, I know I can trust Him totally. God will never, ever let me down. He won’t get tired, or forget, or have something unexpected come up to distract Him. His strength and wisdom will never run out. He will always be able to provide for me exactly what I need. Even when things go wrong, I can rest in Him like my child in my arms because I KNOW that God’s plan is greater than mine. I cannot fully see or understand that plan – just like my baby doesn’t understand much while he trusts. I can be totally at peace and fully content because God is in control and He cares for me.

Maybe you’re reading this and aching to have someone you can trust so completely. You might be longing for someone to love you so much. Turn to Jesus. He says: “Come near to God and he will come near to you.” (James 4v8) He promises that those who come to Him, He will “never cast out.” (John 6v37) He tells us to “welcome the Kingdom of God like a little child.” (Luke 18v17) Come to Jesus today. Simply, like a child. Trust Him. Run to Him.

Posted by Esther Harding, 26th August 2020