A world leader who doesn’t disappoint!

  • Matt's Musings

Imagine a prime minister or president who always made wise decisions, was a delight to serve, led the economy well, had really good foreign policy and cared about the environment. In 966BC there was such a leader – his name was King Solomon.

Solomon was the son of David. He asked God to give him wisdom so that he could lead well. During his reign there were peaceful relationships with the surrounding nations. His reign was so prosperous that silver was considered to be of little value. Solomon wrote proverbs and he wrote about plants, birds and reptiles. Here was a man who was interested in the environment and wanted other people to care too.

People came from all over the world to hear Solomon. One day the Queen of Sheba travelled over 1000 miles to meet Solomon. She gave him a small gift of gold with a value of £200M! She had heard all about Solomon’s greatness and wisdom, but when she saw things for herself, she was blown away by the magnificence of it all. She asked Solomon hard questions, but nothing was too difficult for him.

Sadly, Solomon didn’t stay as this brilliant king and after a 40 year reign, he died. 960 years later, a man claimed to be the One greater than Solomon. This man is Jesus. His life was a perfect life. He is all wise. His death on the cross has dealt with the curse that is upon our universe because of our wrongdoing. That curse brings suffering, decay and death. Jesus gives forgiveness, healing and life. He has been raised to die no more and he is the King whose reign will last forever. Nothing is too difficult for him.

One day he will return and renew this polluting, decaying world. Do you know Jesus? Have you trusted him? If you do, you certainly won’t be disappointed. One day, when you see him, you will be like the Queen of Sheba when she visited Solomon and say, “Not even half was told me; in wisdom and wealth you have far exceeded the report I heard.”