a tragic killing

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It was very sad to read the tragic news of the young man, Dean being killed in Connah’s Quay on Saturday afternoon following a reported stabbing. We have been praying for his family and friends at what must be a devastating time for them.

When someone’s life is snatched away in such horrific circumstances, it leads us to ask a lot of questions. Can this really happen in Deeside in 2021? Who could do such a thing? How do we stop this sort of thing from happening? What is wrong with society? We can also feel and think a lot of things – anger, frustration, sadness, bitterness. Perhaps even, self-righteousness – “I am thankful that I could never do anything like that.”

This week, I have thought a lot of things, some not too different to the things I have just mentioned. One of the thoughts I have had is slightly different. When I think about the human heart (and I am a human and I know something of my own heart) I am actually amazed that this kind of thing isn’t happening more frequently in Deeside than it does! I have no idea what the circumstances were behind this tragic killing, but I do know that there is a lot of anger in our hearts.

We get angry when things don’t work out as we had planned – for example, getting stuck in a traffic jam. We get angry when we don’t get or can’t have the things we want. Just watch a game of football and you’ll see that (or experience it). That sort of anger can go up a notch when it involves relationships and sex! We get angry when we don’t get the respect we feel we are owed. So we need to guard against self-righteous attitudes and instead examine our own hearts. None of us really has a good heart, which is a problem.

That leads me to the other thing I have been thinking about. Jesus didn’t have a heart problem. He has no bitterness or sinful anger – not even a tiny bit! Yet, he swapped places with a murderer. A notorious man called Barabbas was set free and Jesus was crucified as if he was the murderer. That pictures exactly what Jesus’ death is all about. The Bible puts it like this, “Christ had no sin. But God made him become sin. God did this for us so that in Christ we could become right with God.” (2 Corinthians 5v21, International Children’s Bible).

By trusting in Jesus, there’s hope for murderers and respectable sinners.

Matt Francis