Matthew Harding

Matthew is a Yorkshireman from Leeds, and although he doesn’t sound much like one having grown up in Bedfordshire for much of his childhood.
He is a Design Engineer at Airbus and has worked in the Aerospace industry since 2001.
He is the older of two boys born to Christian parents David & Colette, who are also members of this Church. While they took Matthew to Church every week, reading the Bible & praying with their children daily, this didn’t make him a Christian by default, and he knew it. At the age of 9, he realised his own personal need to have a right relationship with God and to reject a self-centred, sinful life. Matthew accepted the gift of God & thanked Him for that work of Jesus which took away Matthew’s sins & gavehim new life.
He is married to Esther, and together they are home-schooling their four children. He is one of the pianists at Christ Church Deeside.