• Matt's Musings

Tomorrow is election day for 48 million people in the UK, so it prompted me to think about the word, ‘integrity’. In maths an integer is a whole number, not a fraction. So integrity is to do with wholeness, oneness, consistency. The Bible reveals to us the Person of integrity, Jesus Christ.

John refers to Jesus as, ‘the Word [who] became flesh’. When we examine the life of Jesus, we see that there is a perfect unity between who God is, what God says and what God does. Jesus was not a people pleaser. His desire was to please his Father in heaven, even when that went going to the cross of darkness.

Sadly, many people grow up with distorted views of what love and trust look like because they have endured abuse. God doesn’t just say, “trust me” or, “I love you”. He demonstrates trust and he loves. Jesus is Immanuel – God with us. He was the first man a needy Samaritan woman was able to trust. He touched the untouchable lepers. He defended a vulnerable woman accused of adultery. He was not in it for himself. He made himself of no reputation. He came to serve. He humbled himself even to the cursed, shameful death of the cross. He did it for us sinners.

We need this Jesus to give us life, deal with our guilt and rescue us from our sin. We need him to transform us and make us people of integrity.