An Election Can’t Save Us

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It’s that time again: the US presidential election is populating the media even over here. With the recent unrest across the ‘pond’ and the pandemic situation, it can be easy to think that whatever the election outcome is, it will make things better, or worse (at least in America).

Lately I have been reading through part of history that is filled with revolution. It was in the Americas (North and South), France, Greece . . . Unrest seemed contagious even without high-speed Internet! In many of these revolutions, people were turning to forms of democracy to fix their problems.

Here we are, hundreds of years later with some problems better, some worse, and others pretty much the same. Where did democracy go wrong? Why are our societies still suffering?! It’s because democracy was never meant to save us. The only One big enough to fix all the social injustice and brokenness of this world is the Person who made it.

The Bible tells us this loud and clear in Psalm 146. It tells us not to put our trust in ‘princes’ (those who govern us) and in humans who can’t save us, but in God who is the Creator of everything. He is faithful. He is the one who gives food to the hungry, makes the blind see, upholds people who are oppressed, and more.

Whatever the outcome, an election won’t fix our problems. It can’t save us. It was never meant to. Our hope is in our Creator.

Posted by Esther Harding, 27th October 2020